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Status of Women Award


This award is to celebrate outstanding contributions to the advancement of women professors, academic librarians, and other members of academic staff at Ontario universities.

It honours and recognizes the dedication of those whose leadership has helped improve the lives and working conditions of academic women and, by extension, their families, friends, and colleagues. The award recognizes the exceptional people whose efforts to advance the position of academic women have improved the profession.

Although the intent is to grant one award annually — in conjunction with the OCUFA Teaching and Academic Librarianship Awards — the OCUFA Status of Women Committee will recommend to the OCUFA Executive more than one award if it believes that in any given year there is more than one meritorious candidate. The committee may also decide not to make the award in any given year.


Candidates for the award will usually meet the following criteria:

1. Member in good standing of an OCUFA – affiliated faculty association.

2. A notable record of active involvement in issues affecting female academic staff in Ontario universities.

3. Distinguished achievement in contributing to the advancement of women in the academy, demonstrated over an extended period of time, or in a single project, either currently or in the past.

4. Such achievement could be in, but not restricted to, the following areas: providing organizational leadership; implementing new policy; initiating educational programs benefiting women; achieving political, legislative or collective bargaining gains; and contributing distinguished service to women’s organizations.


Nomination procedure:

Nominators should be members of an OCUFA-affiliated faculty association.

Nominators must provide to the committee:

  1. A letter that outlines their nominee’s contributions and achievements as they pertain to the advancement of women academic staff in Ontario universities. The letter should be no longer than three pages.
  2. A curriculum vitae of the nominee.

Download nomination form

The Committee will gather additional information about nominees, if necessary, to help make its decisions.

Please send all nominations to the Chair, OCUFA Status of Women Committee, c/o OCUFA, 17 Isabella Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 1M7.